Top Orcas Island Sunset Locations

Sunrise from Mount Constitution by Travel Trend
Mount Rainier at Sunrise from Mount Constitution by Travel Trend

Sunsets in the San Juan Islands are visceral. Visits here seem to draw you to rocky shorelines and towering peaks (we’re looking at you Mount Constitution) to bask in the burst of burnt oranges and bright magentas as they fade into gentle pastels. While no one island in this remote archipelago far surpasses another, Orcas Island sunset locations do include the tallest peak and most convenient ‘town’ access. 

6 Best Places to Watch the Sunset on Orcas Island

Sunset at North Beach on Orcas Island

1. North Beach

Easy to access and with a diverse range of photo opportunities, is arguably the best place to watch the sunset on Orcas Island. Facing north, you can enjoy views of Sucia and Matia Islands, while looking westward reveals Saturna Island against the backdrop of the setting sun.

If you luck into a low tide sunset, venture farther along the beach to gaze eastward and behold the breathtaking sight of Mount Baker. From this vantage, you can capture the sun casting its final rays on the mountainside. Choosing which direction to focus can prove a delightful challenge.

2. Mount Constitution & The Observation Tower

The awe-inspiring panoramas from the are worthy of the visit any time of day, but sunset is particularly exquisite. On clear days from this vantage you’ll see the North Cascades and the other surrounding islands. You’ll witness stunning light illuminating Mount Baker across the Salish Sea as the sun sets. Just be sure to dress warmly. It can get cold at the top of the mountain, especially as you lose daylight. 

3. West Beach

With the sun setting in the West, it’s not surprising that West Beach stands out as an excellent spot to capture breathtaking sunsets. Particularly during the fall and spring, when the sun is positioned further south, this location becomes an ideal choice for off-season sunset enthusiasts. The expansive views across the bay to neighboring islands define the horizon, adding a dynamic depth to the scene. The only catch, West Beach is not a public beach. In order to enjoy this waterfront location you need to be a guest at .

4. Eastsound Waterfront Park

Situated on the main entrance road to Eastsound Village, offers 100 feet of shoreline access. While the park does not capture the direct sunset (it faces south over Fishing Bay), it is often graced by sunset effects that can be spectacular. 

Looking for a more ‘private’ view of the sunset? Consider Outlook Inn’s Waters Edge Suites nestled just beside the public beach. They are so close to the shore at high tide you might think you’re on the water!

5. Crescent Beach

As with Eastsound Waterfront Park, doesn’t offer a western view of the sunset. But the 493 feet of protected shoreline at this protected habitat do provide a wide array of places to grab a driftwood seat and watch the sky turn a riot of colors. What’s more, it’s located less than a three minute drive from Eastsound — making it a great place to visit before or after dinner. 

6. Blanchard Public Beach Access

Located just west of North Beach, stretches roughly 500 feet. The topography is a mix of sand and small pebbles, making it a favorite sunbathing spot for locals during the summer. The views here rival North Beach, but the parking is not as well-defined making it not quite as easy of an in-and-out situation. 

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